• Classical Dance Arangetrams/Mancha Pravesham 

  • Stages/Sets/Designing for Stage and Dance/Talent Events

  • Recitals for Talents (Dance Recitals, Annual Recitals, Singing Recitals)

  • Workshops, Fundraisers & Competitions (Local/International Artists/Talents)

  • Commercial Photo-Shoots for Products/Services or Businesses, Inaugurations

  • Product/Service Launch, In-House & Out-Bound Production Photo-Shoots

  • Corporate or Professional Events in Indian Performing Arts

  • Religious Event-Decors (Ganesha Festivals, Satyanarayana Pujas, Navratri Shringar, Janmashtami Jhulas, Shivratri etc.

​Complete Designing Services for your commercial needs:
  1. designing advertisement materials

  2. sending invitations to public invitees

  3. stage designs, formats, direction

Venue Service
Complete Stage/Venue Decor for your commercial needs:
  1.  Designing stage/venues

  2.  Lights, Technicians & Crew

  3. stage decors (packages with and without inventory),

  4.  venues and bookings

Recital & Workshops
Complete Set of Services :

  1. Lights, Stage Decors, Set

  2. Technicians, Hosting Crew

  3. Event Photography - Dance/Talent

  4. Recitals, Workshops, Dance Productions

  5. Theater Productions, Musicals-Events

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